Traveling with your YTBL Partners

What is the YTBL experience like?

The YTBL experience is all about stepping outside of your daily life and exploring the world around you. Your tour will focus on cultural immersion and making connections along the way—either through chatting up locals or sharing experiences with tour mates. It’s easy to relax and enjoy your trip with the support of our partner’s knowledgeable Tour Directors. This team of local experts brings the already enlightening experience of world travel to the next level by drawing on their knowledge of local culture and customs. 

What kind of hotels do you use?

Before our partner’s book a hotel for our travelers, their team visits it and inspects it from top to bottom. A hotel makes the cut when it meets our partner’s standards for comfort, value, location and that little bit of flavor that can turn a stay into something unique. Rest assured that all of the accommodations they pick feature a private bath, and all hotel taxes are included in the price of your tour. We’ll take care of tips for restaurant service during included meals and baggage handling,


Can I choose from a list of hotels to stay in or do you select the hotels?

We want to make your stay as simple as possible, so picking your hotel is part of what we provide. Our team not only scouts out local hotels, but we also handle all hotel arrangements for the group. The final hotels you will be staying in will be available in My Account about 30 days before you depart. 

I have special meal requirements; can you accommodate me when I’m on tour?

Food allergies, needs or preferences shouldn't keep you from seeing the world. Just notify us of any dietary restrictions at the time of booking and we’ll make sure that your Tour Director is made aware and can provide options for you.

Does YTBL accommodate physically challenged travelers?

We want everyone to be able to explore the world with us, and we encourage the participation of physically challenged travelers. Still, the reality of world travel is that some sites are not accessible to everyone. Give us a call to talk to a Tour Consultant about any physical disabilities or limitations and they can help you choose the best

itinerary for you. If you require dedicated assistance, we ask that you plan to travel with a companion who can help out. 

How many travelers are on a YTBL tour?

Thanks to our Right Size Advantage, all groups are capped at 35 travelers or less. We determine the optimal group size based on the type of experience travelers will have on that specific tour. For example, when your trip takes you to remote natural landscapes, you can expect a smaller group that allows you to travel to hard-to-access locales and stay in authentic lodging options. While other tours—like visits to bustling European capitals—can comfortably accommodate more travelers.

Why should I care about group size?

Group size impacts making connections with fellow travelers and your Tour Director, access to local culture and remote natural landscapes, and the overall ease
and comfort of traveling with a smaller group. We determine the ideal group size for each adventure, which—unlike the industry standard of 45 travelers—never exceeds 35 travelers.

Is the Right Size Advantage offered on all tours?

Yes! The Right Size Advantage is a service we offer to all travelers on all of our tours starting in 2015. This means that your group will never have more than 35 travelers.

Does the Right Size Advantage mean increased tour prices?

No. This service does not impact our tour prices and we still stand by our Best Price Guarantee.

Do I need to join the group for all of the included guided tours?

Your tour is exactly that: yours. If your itinerary includes a guided tour, but you’d prefer to spend your time doing something different, that’s perfectly fine. Enjoy your time however you like! Just be sure that you meet up with your group in time for any transfers between cities or countries. 

What airlines do you use?

All round-trip air travel for our tours is booked on regularly scheduled flights with major airlines. We’re dedicated to getting you to and from your destination with minimal hassle.

Do your motor coaches have air-conditioning and restrooms?

All motor coaches should have air conditioning, and most have restrooms. We also stop every two hours on longer transfers to give everyone time for a bathroom break and to stretch their legs. 

Should I tip the tour director, bus driver and local guides? 

At the conclusion of your tour, it is customary to offer your YTBL Tour Director and driver a gratuity. We recommend tipping in your tour country’s currency, the equivalent of $3USD/CAD per person per day for your driver and $6USD/CAD to $9USD/CAD per person per day for your Tour Director. If applicable, we also recommend the equivalent of $2USD/CAD per local guide. Tips can only be paid in cash. Please keep current local currency exchange rates in mind when tipping. The cost of porterage is included in your tour price, and it is not necessary to tip baggage handlers. However, any tips to service people on cruises are not included.

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