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Sponsor a Tour and Travel For Free​


Earning "Free Travel" is a very special part of "Your Travel Bucketlist"!

 Inspire adventure in others by organizing a group to travel. Recruiting your group should be easy, rewarding and fun - Why not see the world for free, and earn a little extra cash for yourself or your tour.  

We offer the best benefits in the industry.  The first 7th traveler
that signs up on your tour earns your tour one free spot, and you earn commissions

for every additional traveler that signs up. 

Draw your customers in with a real money maker. Sponsor and market a tour, and

sweepstake your free spot off.  We will take care of everything,

including the invites to the big day the winner is selected!

Essential Responsibilities 

You will select a tour, and invite your patrons through information
sessions and recruitment events. Cultivate and maintain effective, long-lasting
relationships with identified existing, and potential travelers.

We have planned and coordinated events for the last 30 years,

so we can create a "sign up" event for you if you need our help!


You’re Compensation

The first 7th traveler you sign up on your tour, you or someone you gift
will travel on that tour for free, or have a big event, and "sweepstake" it off!  
For every additional traveler you sign up, you will earn a 3% commission

on the total price of their tour.